I, Paul Penders, am a diabetic survivor and I created Mujonso Botanicals.

That is me, Paul Penders, creator of Mujonso Botanicals. I vowed to myself to attack the symptoms of diabetics naturally.

I was a diabetic and for two times was critically ill in the hospital. My Mother had suffered from diabetics too and after she died of the horrible effects of diabetics I voted to find a solution to treat diabetics naturally.
I had heard about a group of indigenous people in rural Africa never to be sick by eating daily a herbal leaf growing in the jungle and diabetics is unknown over there.
So I traveled to Africa to learn from them “the wonder of nature” and from there I start using the same herbs called “Mujonso”.

My Mother Beb C. Penders struggled during many years from diabetics and died from it in 2004

After 8 months faihfully using Mujonso I stopped using insulin and later on most of my meds. Till today I keep using Mujonso leaves but basically no diabetics or several other health issues.
At 75 years old I feel great and totally energized. In January 2020 my doctor declared me no longer to be a diabetic patient.

Why is Mujonso so effective?
It was a total new experience We constantly do R&D on Mujonso in order to find the best ways to prepare for better my life when I traveled to Africa to study the incredible results from local families I met taking Mujonso leaves every day. I discovered a traditional way of life, a holistic approach that helps to control glucose metabolism, weight reduction, antioxidant protection and increases energy levels, besides all people had great looking, radiant skin.”

Mujonso is used for centuries
This family very kindly guided me during the meetings with the indigenous people in Africa to explain and translate.Mujonso (Bitter Leaf), In the Himalayas one can find Mujonso as well. Most local people take upmost care of all that grows.Pegaga (Centella Asiatica) and Cinnamon have proven strong benefits in the support of diabetes management. Medical research, on-going, suggests Mujonso greatly helps to regulate blood sugar. Other research is getting promising results from Alpha Lipoic Acid in the management of neuropathy symptoms. Mujonso Botanicals Supplement Capsules helps to control these symptoms and bring renewed vigor. Based on extensive research into traditional remedies also what is used by indigenous peoples, I am proud to bring the wisdom of thousands of years into the 21st century.

What is it like?
A clear, vegan capsule, Mujonso leaves. containing dried herbs. The greenish capsule is entirely natural, has not the bitter taste of Mujonso and no color or any chemical additives are added. Each capsule is very easy to swallow. Two capsules daily will help you to maintain optimum metabolic balance, weight-loss and assist in supporting your system. Some wish to use 4 capsules per day, what is perfectly fine too. One container consists of 120 vegetable capsules.

Expect Great Benefits:
Throughout the Mujonso leaf in detail.I plant and grow Mujonso on our own Resort in Langkawi Island in Malaysia. tropical regions of Africa, Mujonso is the folksy name given to the botanical Vernonia Amygdalina, generally known as Bitter Leaf. This highly effective antioxidant is able to increase the body's defense against infection, reduce high sugar level in the blood and help repair the pancreas. Mujonso's potassium compounds assist the body's natural capacity to lower blood pressure and because it's rich in flavonoids, (phytonutrients) it supports a natural reduction of fevers. Clinical studies have shown Mujonso to support a healthy circulatory system.

US FDA Enforces Highest Quality Standards
Mujonso Botanicals are made in a USA FDA approved facility in Malaysia where also pharmaceutical products are being made. The FDA has reviewed Mujonso Botanicals to fully comply with their strict legal and rigid quality requirements. Mujonso is sold in America. This guarantees that Mujonso is safe and represents the highest quality standards for the best of benefits.

Of course the FDA also recomments a healthy lifestyle for Mujonso users!
Please help yourself for faster and better results with Mujonso Botanicals by minimizing the use of sugar and sugar-based food and drinks. Also limit the use of carbs. And please do some form of exercise and when these are followed up your results will be just ….. AMAZING!

Packaging as sold in USA with ingredients and serving sizes thoroughly checked and released by the FDA.

What can I expect from taking Mujonso?
A Good Metabolic Balance
Supports Great Energy & Feeling Better

  • Helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Promotes fresh energy levels.
  • Mujonso promotes healthy looking radiant skin.
  • Promotes glucose metabolism
  • Helps rapidly in weight loss.
  • Feel renewed energy
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    Mujonso is used for centuries for healing but also as food. For cooking, salads, tonics and the leaves boiled or freshly eaten. Mujonso is truly a gift to mankind for it’s great healing benefits!

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